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Leaving on your next backpacking trip? What are you carrying and selecting what you need is a tedious task. Obviously, you want to carry all your favorite gears but do you really need them? Will you be able to use them or it will just add to the weight?

Being a long-time traveler I love traveling light and try to carry only that much stuff that I can fit in my 60 Ltr Backpack from Quechua. Here is a list of quick recommendations listed down after multiple backpacking trips.


Travel Backpack

While selecting a backpack for my next trip I came across a lot of backpacks however most of them either lacked the functionalities I was looking for or were overprized. I end up selecting and sticking to this beautiful yet tedious backpack from Quechua.

travel backpack campshala

This 60L Travel/Hiking backup is multifunctional. The best thing I liked about this backpack is that it is front loading so you don’t have to worry about unloading the entire backpack in case you need something urgently you just go through the zipper and open it up exactly at the point where you need it. In addition to that, you have a front pocket to keep sunscreen, a notepad, and other things that you need while traveling. Also, it has 2 additional outer pockets to store things.

This backpack is perfect as it has a lot of space and is ideal for both travel and trekking trips. If you are residing in Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali) you can rent it from Viknick. They are a one-stop rental solution for all of your Travel & Camping needs. I personally have been renting a lot of my travel gadgets as it saves a lot of cost.


Action Cameras

If you are an amid traveler you must carry an action camera for your next trip. You will have the flexibility of recording high-resolution videos on the go for your travel blog, social feed, or just reserving the memories. I personally use the below 2 gadgets.

Go Pro Action Camera

Go Pro has been dominating the action camera segment for quite a long time now. All these cameras are waterproof, lightweight yet Tough. These are loved by bikers, travelers, and adventure seekers.

Gopro-Hero-9-Black - Campshala

DJI Pocket Camera

If you are looking for a handheld vlogging camera to record on the go, DJI pocket 2 is the product you should be looking for. This pocket-sized camera comes with a Pocket Gimbal ( 3 Axis Stabilization) and can record 4K videos.


This is a power-packed camera that fits right into your pocket and has features like Active track 3.0, Story Mode, Al Editor, Time Lapse, and a lot more. Find more about this here.


Camping Gears

Backpacking trips are all about going with the flow and setting up camps where you want. If you are a backpacker and love to keep travel costs low you definitely need to add camping gear to your list. So the question is what fits perfectly in your backpack and you don’t have to carry an additional rucksack. I recommend carrying a 2 person tent along with a sleeping bag ( We recommend carrying a sleeping bag which is usually 5 degrees warmer than the expected low temperature) and a camping mattress. You may go to this link to rent same in case you are not a frequent traveler and won’t be using them frequently.

I personally feel that Quechua 2 person tents fit the requirement on most travel trips. It fits perfectly in my 60 LItre backpack and also leaves a lot of space for my wearables and other stuff. I usually tug it to the bottom of my backpack using tightening straps.

Quechua 2 Person Tent - Campshala


If I have to select a sleeping bag there are a lot of options available and I select after checking about the expected temperature of all the places I am visiting during the trip. I usually carry an Ultralight 0/5 Sleeping bag by Quechua and additional layers of clothes in case I feel the temperature will be lower.



Though I will still recommend selecting a sleeping bag only after checking the expected temperature thoroughly.  In addition to this, you should also carry a camping mattress for an added layers of insulation and comfort. The mattress can be easily tugged to the top or sides of the backpack.


First Aid Kit

I remember a time when I was on a backpacking trip to a remote village and found fellow travelers fell sick and they didn’t have even basic medicine. If not for the Medical Kit which I was carrying the trip would have turned bitter. Since then on all my backpacking trips I keep a medical kit with basic medication.


First Aid Kit - CAmpshala Blog

A medical kit is definitely required when you are on a backpacking trip specially to a place that is remote and not well connected by road. While you are traveling keep basic medicines like PCM, bandages, antiseptic liquids, etc. along with prescribed medicine if any.


Power Bank

While my initial travels, I faced this issue w.r.t. power supplies. While you are in a remote place, charging your gadgets and mobile phones is a difficult job. You will hardly find any power supply at most of the places.

Power Bank Campshala

I generally have 2 power banks where each power bank can charge my phone twice just to have an extra backup. There are a lot of options available and one can select the basis of their requirement.


Additional Small Travel Bag

How about the time when you think of taking a day tour around the place you are staying and don’t want to carry all your luggage?  Here having an extra small 10-15Ltr bag can help. I usually carry my Quechua 10 L bag along as it is easy to store and can be pulled out in case I have extra luggage or I buy something but don’t have space to store it in my backpack.

Quechua 10L backpack

This backpack is compact and can be stored easily. I usually use this to carry a water bottle, a bit of food & few basic things like my power bank and gadgets. This is a must-have accessory for any traveler.


Packing Cubes

If you are not a messy person you need to have this on your list. Packing cubes also gives you flexibility where you can store dirty clothes separately so that they don’t mingle with a clean one. You can have cubes inside your pack with each cube storing different things like clothes, essentials, a novel, or whatnot?

Packing Cubes - CAmpshala Blog

They come in different sizes, shaped and traveler can select basis their requirement.


Sony ZV-E10 Vlog Camera

Be it for your memories or you want to post a Vlog of your trip, Sony interchangeable-lens vlog camera ZV-E10 is the perfect gadget for your next trip. Designed for creative vloggers who aspire to an artistic look, the ZV-E10 takes care of the nuts and bolts of video production. Create a stunning vlog by taking advantage of interchangeable lenses, the large APS-C sensor, the built-in Directional 3-Capsule Mic, and special features designed for vlogging—for a professional-looking vlog without the hassle.


The camera is ultra-light and its size adds to it. Whether you want to capture moments from your trip or wants to take stunning portraits it’s your good to go camera.


Wireless Speaker

For me, my backpacking accessories include my Logitech X50 which goes along on all my backpacking trips. I tested a couple of speakers before finalizing this w.r.t. Bluetooth range, quality of sound and battery backup and feel this stands out from most available compact Bluetooth speaker. On normal usage, it can play up to 5-6 hours of music and is easily rechargeable.

Logitech X50 Bluetooth Speaker - Campshala Blog

This is a powerful 3W speaker and gives its Bluetooth® wireless connection gives you up to 30 feet of wireless freedom. For me, this is a definite inclusion to the list though I highly recommend playing at a lower sound so that you are not disturbing other backpackers.

To sum it up do your homework before leaving for a backpacking trip and travel as light as you can! On a tight budget? We got you! If you are in Chandigarh you can rent travel gears in Chandigarh from Viknick.

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